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Popular Concrete Home Renovations and Landscaping Ideas For Your Front Yard

When people think of home renovations and landscaping, they often do not consider using concrete. However, there have been many innovations in the use of concrete that have made it an aesthetically pleasing feature that will add charm and elegance to a property and home. As well, concrete is an inexpensive, durable, and long-lasting material. With a little creativity, it is easy to enhance and beautify any part of the home and property using concrete. Below are a number of popular concrete home renovations and landscaping ideas for your front yard:

1. Garden stepping stones: Adding concrete garden stepping stones is a creative way to enhance and beautify the front yard. You can create innovative stone shapes and have your own choice in size of the stones to create walkways and enhance certain areas in the front yard such as placing them around he door way or in front of the flower garden or around trees or shrubs. The most popular preference is creating walkways because you can have custom design including color or stain preference, and your own unique design. You can exercise your creativity to make your own unique garden stones.

2. Concrete Patios: Creating a brick design for a concrete patio is a popular choice. Stamped concrete is a technique used to create the brick design. The concrete is altered and color is added to the surface of the concrete to make it look like bricks. As well, the concrete can be altered to look like cobblestone and wood. The choice is yours so you can pick the best concrete design to suit your home and property. It will give you the flexibility to create a patio that is unique and appealing, As well, you never have to worry about rot, termites, or degradation. Homeowners now have the ability to have their patios customized to their own unique preference. A concrete patio is a great addition for families. It cannot be damaged by children and it can withstand harsh environmental conditions. The children can have fun on the patio playing games and other activities.

3. Concrete Walkway: Creating a concrete walkway is a great way to enhance the beauty of the front yard. You can create a walk way based on your personal preference. You can use your own choice of design, pattern, and color. You can even plant flowers along either side of the walkway for added elegance. Cobblestone and brick designs are very popular choices for a walkway.

4. Concrete Driveway: A cobble stone or seashell concrete driveway is a very popular choice. This type of driveway is achieved by using stamped concrete. The concrete stamps are used to apply the impressions and the result is concrete that mimic the chosen design. A special color dye can be added to make the concrete more like the pattern that is being imitated. Homeowners now have the ability to have their driveway customized to their own unique preference.

Improving the front yard is always a rewarding home renovation project. In the front yard, homeowners are now able to create patios, driveways, walkways, and any other area that can use enhancement using concrete. Decorative concrete is an inexpensive way to add value to the home and property while making it more beautiful.

Power Tools And Landscaping

When you consider a large project or one involving heavy duty landscaping work, power tools can make a big difference or will be necessary for success. Think about what you need to build and the time available. If you only have a weekend, do your planning first and hire the power tools for just the 2-3 days. Projects involving garden arbors, bench seating and pergolas for example. If you already have some basic power tools yourself just hire those extras you need. Form the ideas, draft the designs then plan the build – it can be simpler than you think!

You can also find designs for many large garden features online, even for smaller items like wooden planters and window boxes. With a few pieces of timber you can build simple designs or you can assemble pre-cut kits that come with all the necessary parts ready to go. As curb appeal is very important, there are lots of choices for making your home and entrance a lot more attractive. Consider adding decorative cornices or gingerbread molds around the front door or porch area. Power tools suited to this detailed cutting makes it much easier.

You can totally transform your garden with power tools and different landscaping ideas as well. Decking may appear a tough job, but if you start with a small decking squares and the right tools and some landscape materials like gravel, river pebbles and maybe a small water feature, it becomes much simpler to create that stunning transformation. You could design a dry creek bed with sand, pebbles, local rocks and then add a small wooden foot bridge with a few power tools to ease the task. Add in a few landscaping plants and a desolate corner is totally changed!

So as you can see, there are lots of options and ideas that even for a beginner. With some imagination and creativity, and help from power tools, some local landscaping material and flowering plants and shrubs, you can soon transform your backyard and home with such projects. If your aim is to improve curb appeal, it still doesn’t necessarily mean a large financial outlay if planned properly – and you can do the job in a way that suits your desires and your budget!

Weathervanes As Decor and Art

Weathervanes have been valued throughout history. They rest admirably atop churches, barns, homes, schools, libraries, court houses, and government buildings. We are all familiar with the ever popular rooster perched handsomely on barn cupolas or the gallant horse adorning the tops of stables across America. The Federal Eagle has been popular since the 1800′s. Artisans have crafted beautiful weathervanes using themes that capture the spirit from antiquity up until today.

In our modern day and age the weathervane is being recognized as décor and functional art. It does not matter if the weathervane sculpture is contemporary, traditional, country, or classic, there is a place for the piece in the world of design. It is still popular to mount weathervanes on cupolas and rooftops but the possibilities for display have introduced weathervane sculpture to a whole new realm of aesthetics.
Weathervanes can be displayed indoors in a number of different ways. Floor stands are available in basic cast iron or ornamental brass. These display bases are often used to feature a weathervane in living rooms, dens, offices or libraries. The presentation is simply stunning. Indoor wall mounts are an attractive way to showcase the work on a central wall or beam. Tabletop weathervanes are great for desks and tables. They make great gifts too! If you are interested in interior decorating, consider the time honored weathervane in your design.

The options for outdoor display are wonderful. It is possible to mount your weathervane on the deck or on a garden pole. Eave mounts offer the possibility of placing your weathervane on the side of a building. The results are stunning and will capture the attention of your friends and neighbors.
In addition to a generous variety of mounting options, the weathervane is now available in several finishes. The traditional polished copper is still a favorite but it is not the only choice. Some of the most popular finishes include antique, blue verde, chestnut, and bronze. There is a patina for just about everybody.

Themes and styles are impressive and cover just about every subject. The palette includes locomotives, golfers, dogs, wine, flying pigs, unicorns, fairies, angels, flags, ships, airplanes, birds and even a wine weathervane. Clubs and restaurants are ideal for weathervane art. It is common to see the golfer, the blue heron, the whale, or the eagle displayed in a public setting. Most of the designs are available in sizes that accommodate smaller buildings such as garden houses, gazebos, and decks.

Whether you are an interior decorator, a landscape architect, or a do it your self designer, there is a weathervane that is perfect for your décor.