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Need More Business Leads? 10 Marketing Tools to Pump Up Your Numbers

Business growth doesn’t just occur; it is built through continuously seeking new business leads and productively converting them with effective marketing tools. Careful and thorough marketing and aggressive execution will provide a business with leads, sales and profits.

For a business to grow, it needs a steady flow of new business leads.

However, more often than not, established businesses will rely on just one source for leads because they witnessed some success from it in the past. This is a risky choice for any business to make because this source of lead generation could fall off or you could find sales aren’t continuing to grow.

In order to avoid this occurring with your business, now is the time to work aggressively to increase your list of business leads. By doing this, you will not only notice a more stable flow of business prospects, but should one abruptly dry up, you will not be left high and dry.

Here are 10 marketing tools you can use to generate prospects:

1) Self promotion: Speaking at business venues, networking meetings, trade shows and other related events can be a great way to meet some new business people, gain some new leads and also get comfortable promoting yourself in person.

2) Set up a business website: As we rely more heavily than ever on information technology, businesses are scrambling to get themselves online. A website for your company will not only help make you well known, but can also build prospects, induce quick sales through e-commerce sites and through content promotion and ads.

3) Learn to network: Networking can be achieved both online and offline using websites such as Facebook and Twitter which allow you to link exchange; and in person through special networking events. Either way is effective, but offline methods allow you to put a face to the company name, helping to build stronger business leads and relationships.

4) Advertise: For a business to succeed, prospects obviously need to be aware of that business first. Marketing and advertising can be expensive depending on your niche but they are a necessity to secure the future of your firm. Using online or offline methods of advertising, you can grow interest about your business, encouraging new business leads.

5) Look to your existing client list: Some businesses may look to obtain new business leads by renting or exchanging their existing client list or by running joint venture promotions. You can also obtain new leads through your existing clients by keeping up to date with them, notifying them of new products/services and ensuring that they do not require any additional services from you. Following up a sale is often the most effective way and the optimum time to gain further sales and leads.

6) Media interest: Depending on your business’ location, your current reputation and your financial situation; you could look to expose your business through different forms of media. Local newspapers, magazines, radio stations and even TV advertisements can help your name be exposed to a larger volume of people, helping to increase your business leads and brand awareness.

7) Affiliate partners: Affiliate partners can help increase your leads. These partners will work by promoting your business to their current clients for a percentage of your sales. As you complete the sale, their customer also joins your ‘list.’

8) Make your promotions known: Promotional material such as newsletters, email campaigns and even article marketing campaigns are a great way to notify prospects about any new promotions you may have. If they feel you are offering something exciting, they may even forward your message to a peer or associate, providing you with some viral marketing which could also bring in new sales.

9) Incorporate Search Engine Optimization tools into your online marketing campaigns: Using internet marketing tools to promote yourself through your website, articles and so forth is a great way to gain traffic and sales, but without taking Search Engine Optimization into consideration, your website simply will not be found. Think about relevant keywords which relate to your business and incorporate them into your web content and promotional material to help you perform high in search engines and encourage increased traffic and sales. Add your content onto blogs, article directory sites and incorporate one-way link building to help you position higher on search engine rankings for your targeted keywords.

10) Re-evaluate your marketing and advertising strategies: As your efforts gain you new business leads, rather than stepping back and reveling in your success, it is important that you use marketing tools to frequently analyze your performance and look at new ways in which to further increase the number of business leads you have.

Whether you have already achieved a great deal from successful business lead generation or you are struggling to get a handle on how to obtain some leads, attacking this task from all angles is the best way to gain as many business leads as possible. With a range of online marketing tools at your disposal, you will not only see an increase in your business prospects, but an increase in your sales also. All it takes is a little thinking, a little marketing and a lot of drive.